Our mission is to bring Playfulness to the world.



When we play together and take ourselves a little less seriously life becomes more pleasurable and amazing things start to happen!

In this website you can find out much more by listening to our podcast, watching our YouTube channel, taking part in an online course and even joining our very special GIOCOSAMENTE playfulness Festival!


Interesting conversations with playful specialists from all around the world that have incredible insights to share about living a more playful life.

Whether at school, at work, at home, nearly every situation improves with tactful humour and lightness, where are humanity is free to emerge and we see the humanity in others.

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The best way to (re) learn to play again as adults
is to create a psychologically safe and friendly environment with other people that love to play!
When we start to play we start to see the importance of it. We are serious about play!

For this reason in 2019 we created a 3 day festival in a beautiful medieval village in Italy.
This year we welcome an online version. In debuted last year.

Playfulness isn’t just for children, even though they love to play with their families.

In 2020 not able to play in person we created a successful online edition. The recording will be available on the podcast and YouTube Channel.

We are an association with a wide range of talent and experience with Play, Art, Creativity, Yoga, Communication and Life searching skills.

Perhaps you are an ambassador of play and want to share ideas?
Perhaps you’ve realised that life wasn’t supposed to be so heavy and want to find lightness again?
Perhaps you’re interested in creating a group that works well together?
Perhaps you’re looking for a way to connect to others.
There is no quick answer to these questions, although paradoxically we just need to play more! We have years of a rather serious mindset to undo.
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reach out to us, we are happy to hear from you.