Meeting of creative playfulness and spontaneous kindness.

Three days dedicated to exploring the value of Playfulness between people, from Italy, Europe and the World. Unique in its location, a lovely medieval village in the heart of Italy.
There are two streams to the festival:

LET’S WORKSHOP : 3 days of workshops for people interested in playfulness in life, education and work place.
LET’S PLAY: For families, children and anyone curious to experience the beautiful playful atmosphere.

Bringing people together from Italy and abroad to explore Playfulness, creating an atmosphere of light-heartedness, joy and fun among the participants and locals. Practice and explore together the importance of Playfulness. Share playful educational methods dedicated to children, teens and adults. Creation of a local Playfulness practice community.

As adults, we have almost stopped playing and rarely even attempt to cultivate an attitude of lightness. We are even somewhat terrified of playing if someone should try and call us into a game!

Children too who learn through play, are playing less and less and even stopping all together at a very early age. In some places recess is seen as a waste of time!

We are overwhelmed by a mountain of seriousness, responsibility, commitments, expectations and pressures”. It’s time to rediscover the value of playfulness in our lives, in our work and education.

Watch the video from last year.