Week one – Having a Playful Eye.

Week One.

Having a Playful eye.


Short introduction video below.

Let’s face it, we have our playful moments and our not so playful ones.
In other words we have moments where we are available to connect to others and moments that we just want to be in our cave on our own.

Opening into playfulness in my opinion can’t be “forced”. This is why this week is all about observing playfulness around us allowing the simplicity and fun to resonate within us.

This week is also about having fun on our own. What do you do to have fun on your own?
We will have more fun later on as we start connecting to others.

Bit by bit we are going to open up our world one little crack at a time! 

Below is a audio recording specially for this week that I’ve recorded. 4’59”
Listen to this a couple of times and allow the ideas to generate even more ideas in you.

Every week there may well be a conversation about different aspects of play. This week we have a part of conversation that I had with Mathias Poulsen, creator and organizer of the CounterPlay festival in Denmark dedicated to playfulness. Starts with the question Why as adults do we need courage to play? 16’32”

To end this week’s material I decide to include here a video about the “Social Game” by Alan Watts. I find this illustrates beautifully how we always have a choice of whether to play or not and what often keeps us out of “The Game”. Looking forward to hearing your reflections. 8’52”

That’s it for the week 🙂

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