Week Two: Accepting Invitations

Hello everyone welcome to Week Two

I hope you’ve already started fine tuning your playfulness radar,
this week we’re taking it another step and moving into:

Accepting Invitations, Engagement and Enthusiasm!

This is the recording for the main part of the course this week.

Here is part of a conversation I had with a friend and colleague of Rainbow Yoga based in Australia. In this conversation we talk about parenting, seriousness, playfulness of course, phone use and a couple of interesting stories about the importance of play.

If you feel like raising your playfulness on your own even more this week you could pretend, for example, to be an opera singer in the shower, or a dancer while brushing your teeth. Remember to slow down and challenge your daily habits. A good practice could also be walking aimlessly for half a day where you live without a care in the world.
If you have any other ideas to try out let us know in the group!

You may well have seen this video below, watch it with new eyes in the context of this course.

This ideas in this video bridge the material of this week and the next.


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