Tailor-made Life Coaching with Anthony Trahair

Tailor-Made Life Coaching with Anthony Trahair

Tailor-made Individual life coaching with Anthony Trahair.

Do you have an idea what a life coach is?
It’s someone that can help you live a much better life than you’re actually living. Let’s face it we’ve been through a lot. Unfortunately we’re pretty influenced by our past and somehow hope that the future will be better.

The power of a life coach is to help you find out what you want (important first step) and then go for it and get it! I’ve dedicated my whole life essentially to learning about what made myself tick. I’ve practiced Yoga everyday for the last 23 years. I love to push my limits and I’m recovering from a “seriousness” illness – that is taking myself too seriously!

Playfulness can help us out big time. It makes our journey more enjoyable.

I’ve been coaching for most of my life, I just never called it that. Until recently and it just all made sense to me. I can help you find out what you want in life (what makes you come alive) and then work out how to get there.

Areas I help in:

  • Life orientation – making a choice when it’s hard to choose

  • Fulfilling Life – finding a meaning and purpose

  • Generating ideas for greater choice – exploring possibilities for better relationships, finances and career

  • Crowdfunding Coaching – Helping you save your campaign

For best results work with me for a year and your life will change. To get started I run startup programs that last 6 weeks.

If you’re interested in a free connection call to see if it could be a fit for both of us please apply to: hello@playfulife.org

The 6 week Program fee for a limited period is then 960€ 480€, including taxes.

Anthony is kind, enthusiastic and a great motivator. He took the time to truly understand what is important to me, then suggested a fantastic way I could apply my skills and passions. He also set me simple actions to turn this exciting vision into a reality!”

Natalie Tuppen

It felt like I was just having a conversation with Anthony about how I get upset when my mum tells me about her past. I visit my elderly mother at least 3 times a week and hearing her story gets me down. Anthony listened. He then gave me a take on the situation I had neither considered. I was intrigued. His take was playful yet kind and a way that I could acknowledge my mum and myself at the same time. The next time I visited my mother and the topic came up, I held this new position. It was as if the whole situation was transformed. My mother changed her banter and it no longer upset me. Anthony truly has a gift to help people see what they need to see. He does it in a friendly and generous manner. I highly recommend him as a coach if you want to move forward in your life”.

Pia Maganov


Find a Meaningful Life – 6 Week Orientation Program.

Sometimes the hardest thing to know is what we want. Especially when it comes to something meaningful for us.

Strangely the more skills we’ve acquired the harder this becomes.

You might even feel you know what you want but not know how to get there. Excellent. Together we can strengthen your commitment and understand how to achieve your vision one step at a time.

Whether you feel lost or feel you have much more to offer the world than you are currently giving or whether you are searching for clarity about your work, life mission or meaningful hobby, this introductory coaching program is for you.

I know you’ve got a huge potential inside that is waiting to explode. Together we can make your dreams come true, first we need to work out what these dreams are. Literally anything is possible.

This is a program of personal growth and transformation. Blowing away limiting beliefs, and status quos and bringing more enjoyment and laughter independently of your circumstances. It’s powerful stuff while at the same time also lots of fun.

You are at the centre of this process.

In these guided sessions we’ll discover what makes you come fully alive, what is holding you back from achieving the life you’d love to have while giving you the tools and strategies to create a positive impact in the world.

The core of this work will lead you towards a bold, playful, heart-centered fulfilled life on your terms.

This program is designed to bring new possibilities into your life that perhaps you never even considered while building on your talents and uniqueness that you often take for granted.

If you’re interested in a free 15 minute connection call to see if it could be a fit for both of us please apply to: hello@playfulife.org

Program fee is 960€ 480€, including taxes.

One 55 minute session per week for 6 weeks.

*** Whoever signs up for the sessions will also receive the bonus Playfulness Walking Meditation Audio.