Bring Play back into Elite Sports

With Cathy Salit

Cathy Salit on Play, Sports and Life.

Bring Play Back into Elite Sports Podcast Show Notes [55mins]

This podcast is absolute gold!

Learn how to reach your goals through play and fun. We are all performers suggests Cathy. It’s great to have directions to do something new.

Cathy Salit is a performance activist, social entrepreneur, jazz singer, speaker, executive coach, and theatrical improviser. She’s been a community organizer and radical educator since she was 13 years old, when she dropped out of school and started her own highschool in New York.

Cathy is an incredible powerhouse and great supporter of Play in raising the quality of our lives.

I’m very happy to have her on The PlayfuLife Podcast today.

– I enjoyed your recent article “It’s Time to Bring Play Back Into Elite Sports: I’m With Simone.

– Where did the fun go in competitive sports?

It went away! Pressures and what it takes to be that incredible an athlete. There’s a lot in those environments that isn’t healthy.

Kathy talks about simple alternatives to create a space to bring teams together, they played!

We need play to make it through the difficult times. Please inject some play into competitive sports to make them more livable!

Play and improvisation.

Improvisation is connecting to our surrounding and literally being able to play with it. We are generally terrified of improvisation! Improvisation is freedom.

– What does being able to let go mean to you Cathy? How to develop a greater ability to improvise and how can it improve our lives?

– What is the power of improvisation “Off Stage”?

We go deeper into Embracing Not Knowing. Jumping without a net, speaking without a script. Accept the offers that come at you.
What is the price of Always Knowing?

How to cultivate friendships is strongly connected to our ability to play.

Our job in improvisation is to make our partner look good.

At the beginning of the global pandemic you launched the Global Play Brigade.

What have been the greatest lessons from this project?

– Giving more value to play can raise the quality of our individual lives. The ripple effect is much greater and play increases social connection and can challenge many existing paradigms. Could you talk about this?

Some people say how do you dare to bring play in challenging situations? Kathy responds how can we NOT dare to bring in play? Play is where we find our humanity and unless we can give express humanity in new and different ways we are not going to find new solutions. We are not going to create new possibilities.

– You wrote a book Cathy “Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work”. LINK
What brought you to write it and what is it’s core message?

Rapid fire round

– Can Play save the world?

– Fav 1 or 2 books on play and impro?

– Fav playful film? Being There – Peter Sellers // Mel Brookes – To Be or Not to Be

– What do you do to get you in a playful state?

– Advice for Cathy at 20?

– New projects?

– Where to find you? www.cathysalit.comGlobal Play Brigade

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