Play Your Way Sane: Unlocking Relationship Potential through Playful Insights with Clay Drinko

With Clay Drinko



  • Welcome to Season 4, Episode 3 (No. 31) of The Playfulife Podcast!
  • In this episode, we delve into the world of playfulness in relationships with educator and author Clay Drinko.
  • Clay is the author of “Play Your Way Sane” and “Theatrical Improvisation, Consciousness, and Cognition,” exploring the intersection of improv, science, and daily life.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Playfulness in Couples:
    • Exploring the concept of “bids for attention” in relationships, inspired by the Gottman Institute’s work.
    • Recognizing bids as calls for connection and understanding in relationships.
    • The significance of accepting bids for long-term relationship success.
    • Using improvisation techniques to understand and respond to bids in real-life situations.
  2. Applying Improv Principles:
    • Embracing the “Yes, and” approach to acknowledge and build upon ideas instead of ignoring or rejecting them.
    • Cultivating curiosity through open-ended questions and being receptive to understanding rather than fixing issues.
    • Translating improvisation principles into real-life interactions at work and home.
  3. Teaching and Learning:
    • Clay’s approach to teaching, focusing on student-centered, inquiry-based, and uninhibited learning experiences.
    • The importance of listening in teaching and engaging students by sparking curiosity.
    • Rejecting scripted lesson plans in favor of adapting to students’ needs and questions.
  4. Play Your Way Sane:
    • Exploring Clay’s book and its approach to feeling grounded, less anxious, and more present through simple fun exercises.
    • Embracing mindfulness through playful activities to access calmness and shift away from a critical mindset.
    • Practicing acceptance, listening, and owning mistakes to enhance well-being and relationships.
  5. Personal Favorites:
    • Clay’s current favorite book, “Pure Color” by Sheila Heti, and the film “Dancer in the Dark.”
    • Encouraging a balanced approach to self-improvement, emphasizing progress over perfection.

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