Get Your Life Back with Play

With Krystal Quagliara

Welcome back to The Playfulife Podcast after a two-year pause!

The Playfulife Podcast explores inspiring conversations around play to infuse more joy into your life and relationships, allowing you to savour life fully.

Today’s guest is Krystal Quagliara, I was googling my podcast and found she had one with the same name! I reached out and here we are together talking about play.

Krystal is a playfulness expert in the health and wellness coaching industry. She’s able to help her clients feel ALIVE (Actively Living in Vitality Everyday) and live a life of freedom. She meets them where they are because she understands that none of this comes easy, as her personal health is a choice she has to make daily.

Krystal is also the author of The Playful Journal and the host of her own: The Playful Life podcast. Krystal’s coaching is more than just nutritional plans and exercise. It’s life coaching that incorporates stoic virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation, and social justice with all components working symbiotically.

We delve into the concept of play and its transformative power in our lives.

Episode Highlights

  1. Ingredients of a Playfulife:
    • Exploring play as a way of life.
    • Embracing mistakes and learning through play, much like children do.
  2. The Joy of Being a New Mom:
    • Discussing the pure joy and innocence of parenthood.
    • Transitioning from seriousness to fully embodied playfulness.
    • Keyword: Parenting
  3. The Scale of Playfulness:
    • Examining the spectrum of playfulness, from rigid and perfectionist to joyful, open, and curious.
    • Keyword: Self-Improvement
  4. Awakening to Play:
    • Krystal’s personal journey from a “Zombie Life” to a vibrant, playful existence.
    • Letting go of expectations and recovering from codependency.
    • Keywords: Codependency, Personal Transformation
  5. Steps to a Playful Life:
    • Introducing the “Perfection Game” emphasizing progress over perfection.
    • Incorporating play into a healthy lifestyle to boost vitality and overall well-being.
    • Keywords: Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Wellness Coaching
  6. Discovering Joy:
    • Exploring the sources of joy and the role they play in our lives.
    • Krystal’s favorite book and film recommendations.
    • Keywords: Happiness, Book Recommendations, Film Recommendations

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