Unlocking Human Potential Through Play and Learning

With Josette Luvmour

Title: Unlocking Human Potential Through Play and Learning


  • Welcome to another inspiring episode of The Playfulife Podcast!
  • Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Josette Luvmour, a lifelong advocate for human development, transformative learning, and the power of play.
  • Josette and Ba Luvmour have been exploring life together since 1979, and Josette specializes in various fields, including family relationships, consciousness studies, and nurturing the growth of both adults and children.In addition to her consulting practice at Luvmour Consulting, LLC, Josette has authored numerous journal articles, five eBooks, and book chapters as well as co-authored six print books with a focus on building relationships with children that promote optimal well-being. Josette teaches graduate courses at Antioch University in the Individualized Master of Arts (IMA) Program and has been educating adults since 1992. Her work pioneers how adult and child grow together.Josette Luvmour is honored that her book, Grow Together, Parenting as a Path to Well-Being, Wisdom, and Joy, has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®.

Episode Highlights:

A Journey of Growth:

  • Josette’s remarkable journey alongside Ba Luvmour for over four decades.
  • Her expertise in human development, transformative learning, and sustainable family relationships.

The Importance of Play in Early Education:

  • Josette’s focus on natural learning for children and the vital role of play.
  • The brain development that occurs through play, even in higher education.
  • Encouraging children to explore relationships and their imaginative worlds.

Guiding Children’s Play:

  • Understanding that until age 7 or 8, children aren’t interested in strict rules; they create their world imaginatively.
  • How children naturally transition to more structured play with rules and boundaries as they grow.
  • The importance of adults actively engaging in play and learning from children.

Benefits of Play:

  • Different types of play, including dramatic play and profound play, and how they shape thinking abilities.
  • Exploring the principles of win-win games and co-creating games.

Adults and Play:

  • Reflecting on how adults who played in their childhood develop a strong sense of self and trust in relationships.
  • Being open to challenge and growth, not overly invested in fixed identities.

Play and Learning Integration:

  • Bridging academic knowledge with real-life experiences and human needs.
  • Understanding the connection between play, mental health, and overall well-being.

Debunking Play Myths:

  • Challenging myths like “children should be seen and not heard.”
  • Embracing mistakes as opportunities for creative exploration.

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  • Human development, transformative learning, family relationships, consciousness studies, brain development, imaginative play, structured play, win-win games, mental health, play myths, child development, well-being.

Additional Information:

  • Explore more about Josette Luvmour’s work and resources on her website.
  • Continue your journey of transformative learning and play with the Transformational Learning Foundation.


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