Dealing with Challenges through Play

With Ivan Brett

Excellent Podcast you may want to listen to twice or more!

Ivan Brett, Author, podcast The Floor is Lava (Check it out, he plays games with the people he has on his show).

Ivan is an exceptional playful soul and has lots of wise nuggets for all of us.

Lucky aren’t we?

Together we look at Boredom. Boring or Being Bored?
Let your mind do it’s own work for itself!

Ivan has also been a school teacher and used playful ways there too. Making games to learn engages children.

“Play is the EXUBERANT exploration on one’s own limitations in the world”.

We played some games together and talked about how we set challenges and find playful ways to solve them that brings us into Dealing with Challenges through Play.

Enjoy! Thanks for reviewing our podcast on itunes!

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