Fitness can be Fun

With Darryl Edwards

Fitness can be Fun – and it may just be the only motivator to keep fit.

A conversation with Darryl Edwards from Primal Play about making movement more playful.
Darryl is author of the book “Animal Moves” writes articles on his “Primal Play” website and has an inspiring Tedx talk.

Darryl discovers play when recovering from body negligence and realising that he actually doesn’t really enjoy working out!

When working out becomes playing out the magic happens and the benefits also increase substantially.

Children are the master players but even they tend to get there dopamine hits from devices rather than interacting with the physical world.

Tag is one of the most In-The-Moment activities there is. And feels great!

Darryl suggests that to be playful we don’t need to be childish, just child like. This means: Joyful, curious, enjoyment and Fun!
An adult way of playing is a more sophisticated way of play.

“Play is an attitude and not the activity” Darryl Edwards. Any, literally anything can be more playful. Yout gym is wherever you are.

Adults comprehend the benefits and need to participate.

How many kids would want to watch other kids play?

Adults are generally spectators. The joy of movement isn’t there. We need to become more curious, constantly curious, constantly searching, not satisfied with the status quo. It’s OK to be wrong, it’s OK to change your mind. Re-exploring play as an adult helps tap into others opinion and motivations. It brings us closer together.

“Play is the highest form of research” attributed to Einstein.

Play is a superset of work. It’s the next step. Play unifies all human beings.


This is illustrated perfectly in this video:

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