From Burnout To Playfully Joyful

With AnneMarie Steen

Based in The Netherlands, Annemarie is Serious about Playfulness in Business and has a strong vision on the importance of Play to thrive in a fast-changing and complex world.

Her mission is to invite more adults to PLAY. In the COVID pandemic AM started offering daily Play-Breaks. Half hour playful sessions on Zoom to brighten people’s lives. Participants expected to feel good doing them, and they did, but they were surprised about the fast connective power of Play. Also, they felt more creative and courageous after participating. 

We talked about:
Playing the serious game versus the playful game, Connecting to your inner child, Play is power, transforms, heals, connects.

Why are we afraid of play? Especially in public. Stepping into the play zone, making the decision!

Playful attitude leads to successful leaders. To get new ideas, step out of your role! Inviting others into play. 

Stretching our comfort zone, comfortably!

And much more!


Tedtalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agzJOJhVcbc


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