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With Leif Hansen

Very happy to Have Leif Hansen on the podcast.

Leif is a playful soul. He knows the transformative power of play and has found a clear way of expressing this to a more general public. (That, as we know, puts play to the end of the day if at all) Leif is a playful facilitator, has held “Lila retreats” that help people choose a better way of playing out their lives, he is now helping businesses bring out the best of themselves to work from a place of Joy.

The aspect of Lilà was something I was very interested in talking to Leif. How do we play out our lives?
We cover lots of interesting group including some insights on bringing playfulness to the corporate sector.

Leif has offered Playful Life Podcast listeners a free copy of his “LILA (Divine Play) e-Cards” —request them here   Join Leif and other playful, heart-led visionary catalysts like yourself at TheSparkLife.org -a collective for those interested in growing enriching relationships, meaningful work, deep well-being, courageous creativity & lifelong learning. Or just jump in for the new “Playformation: Test Drive the Future” class series -first drink is free!”

Like many people that have been on the show there is a desire to bring the freedom, creativity, connection, silliness, being in nature and the magic from summer camps to the rest of our lives. If you are going to spend 40-60+ hours a week you’d like it to be meaningful and enjoyable, ideally playful.

There is a false dichotomy between PLAY and WORK.
Work is FOCUS on the ends. So that I can have…..
Play FOCUSES on the process, on the MEANS.
Both can be creative, adaptive and playful.

So we can go to PLWERK – Play-learn-work or Playformation – transformation through play.

– when you are playful you do better work.
– when you bring more commitment to your play you are going to enjoy it more.

LILà – Divine Play – we are the entertainment for the gods or we are the gods in our own play.
— A paradigm of life is best lived as play.

Life is lots of suffering – seriousness – joy and Play – embracing the whole.

In a self marriage ceremony Leif vowed to be 100% serious and 100% not serious recognizing that life is a joke.

We are HUM – humble – human and humus! The divine mess 🙂

We are fixated on our story of reality – let’s knock that story down!
Build up things and knock them down.

Reality is WEIRD! What the heck is this thing that we are part of?-

Lilà takes the idea of play to the ULTIMATE extreme.
That all of this multi dimensional universe, existence you could enter into it more fully through play and as seeing it as play.

Curiosity going into wonder – wonderosity!

We also went deep into Shyness.

Quote: “The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections. And only a mind that knows how to play can do that”. Nagle Jackson

Book: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the World: Dan Pink

5 points for Leif’s work on https://www.thesparklife.org/
Meaningful Work
Enriching Relationships
Life Long Learning
Deep Well Being
Courageous Creativity and Play

From thesparklife website:


“We may not have it all together,
but together we can have it all”

We are a professional development, lifestyle and personal growth oriented collective primarily made up of emerging facilitators, teachers, coaches, presenters, leaders and other visionary catalysts who are passionate about fully enjoying our lives while engaging in meaningful service to others.

89% of us love travel, 93% of us love chocolate, 76% of us have a mindfulness practice, 67% of us dance in our underwear, and 1 guy only showers weekly.
We still love him.

We’re committed to igniting your life around five fundamentally rewarding and vitalizing goals:

You can likely imagine the delight and vitality experienced in manifesting these five goals and how it naturally spills over into bringing more success, fun, caring, and creative magic to the people you serve.  That said, these goals may sound a little lofty or too abstract. If so, click here to ground them in reality or better understand what we mean.

Is achieving those bold beautiful goals attractive and aligned with your own vision and values? If so, please consider joining us, we’d love to help you level up and to add your unique magic to our mix! Read on or choose a plan at the bottom of the page.

Why do so many people want to achieve these kinds of goals and yet barely move forward?

Trying to run your own business or professional practice can be extremely liberating, fulfilling and meaningful, yet it can also be discouraging, lonely, stressful and full of overwhelming challenges.

In addition, as a change agent you’ve likely found that it can be tricky to practice what you preach regarding living a robust, balanced and fulfilling life.  (If so, don’t worry, it’s way more common than you might think!)

We believe that there are three primary challenges usually responsible for a lack of life and business momentum.  We’ve built the Spark Life collective as a solution to each of them. You may find that you relate to 1 or all 3…

  1. You’ve been trying to do things primarily by yourself, yet humans have evolved as incredibly social creatures. This is unfortunately because there is so much support available to enter or create!
  2. You’re missing a structure of support, a regular rhythm of reliable opportunities for working, learning & enjoying your creative potential.
  3. You’ve become disconnected from your deepest WHYs, the intrinsic motivation and vision(s) that make life and work worthwhile.

While nobody ever feels a 100% daily life-satisfaction, and sometimes life can be extremely challenging and disappointing, it is essential (and feels awesome) to be part of a caring community where you can receive (and give) support regarding staying resilient, aligned and activated in moving towards your most ideal life.   It is equally essential to have a structure of supportive opportunities -classes, coaching, co-working, creative content, celebrations and more -to help keep you actively moving forward towards your dreams.

Thanks for reading, listening, commenting and sharing!!!!

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