Maaike the Playful Philosopher

With Maaike de Jong

Maaike the playful philosopher

Lovely conversation with lots of playful food for thought with Maaike de Jong from the Netherlands.

Maaike is a philosophical practioner, researcher, trainer and educational developer.
She thinks of ways to apply philosopy in our daily lives and make room for playfulness in work, education and society.

Bernard Suits,  “[Play] is a Voluntary attempt at overcoming unnecessary obstacles”.

Maaike is a Playful Philosopher. She has pondered a great deal over play and has a phD in Phliosophy with a thesis on the Paradox of Playfulness.

2 “simple” questions:

  • What is Playfulness?
  • What is Seriousness?

Maaike shows how asking these questions throws much light on the way we live.

In an ideal world work would be play. What if all our needs were met. What would we do? – We create UNNECESSARY obstacles!

Playfulness: Being able to carry to opposing thoughts.

Comfortable in an open-ended situation. Tolerance of Ambiguity. Ability to pick up on play signals. Our Willingness to play is fundamentally important.

Maaike travels to festival with her Philosophic Playful Food Truck where there are playful snacks for your inner playground.
Guests are invited inside and given a Playful menu.
The DP offers a moment to recover from all the impressions to reflect on your ideas and explore thought at the interface of play and philosophy.

Can philosophising about play (and actually playing) help us out of our worries? Perhaps.


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