Play and Democracy

With Mathias Poulston

Play and Democracy ​
We​ live in a space with democratic deficit, and young people always live in deficit.
Play is a unique kind of democratic practice that can put us on a different course, showing us
different ways of living together.
Facilitated by ​Mathias Poulsten​ from Counterplay with Troy Innocent and Rikke Berggreen Paaskesen

How to live together?

How to experience agency and feel that your participation matters.
The experience of play can show us this and as participants we have some degree of agency.

How do experience and explore the world, and what does this mean for our bodies?
How do our bodies experience the world?
Imagining that things can be different.
Restorative justice? Education? Politics??
Many ideas and thoughts on bringing more playfulness into our world.

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