Play and Social Distancing

Play and Social Distancing

How to keep playing while keeping physically distant?

Facilitated by Robbie Foulston with Darryl Edwards, Pete Duncan.
Under the care attention of Bart Durand

The Panelists talk about what they have been doing to balance online and offline sessions.

Where is the future of Play going?

What new play has come of theses new rules?

Important distinction between social distancing and PHYSICAL DISTANCING.

Feel good hormones are activated though eye contact also online not to mention playing of course!

Healthy non addictive response to learning new things. The return on the investment is a good dopamine hit!

Being playful people we can adapt and essentially all the games we used to play that had a physical element can be adapted. Physically apart we can be socially connected.

How to make people feel safe?

How to invite people to play?

How to be inclusive?

Having a playful attitude and approach (inner playground) isn’t bound by any physical limitation.

Keep finding ways to play!


Recorded at Giocosamente Online Playfulness Festival 14/6/2020

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