Playfulness and Spirituality

Playfulness and Spirituality Panel Session how do these worlds meet?

Facilitated by ​ Saras Feijòo​ with Bart Durand, Robbie Foulston, Kevin Campbell Davidson,
Maaike de Jong, Benjamin Lee Martin.

Play is a spiritual practice and makes any spiritual journey easier and more fun!

Inspiring and interesting session whether you run miles away when you hear talk of spirituality or have your own regular practice.

Some ideas that come out:
Play helps us open and share something of ourselves. We connect to something deeper, life energy, life flows through us.

Tricking the mind to let go into a magical heart space! Playfulness helps us take our serious practices less simple.
Playing helps us Get the Great Cosmic Joke!
Lighten up towards enlightenment!!
The more I play the more I have fun the more full of joy I am and all the trauma has to leave as there is no space for it.

Dive deep in the moment and surrender to whatever is happening.

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