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Playfulness, Kindness and Mindfulness - PlayfuLife

Playfulness, Kindness and Mindfulness

With Panel Session#1 Giocosamente Festival 2020

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Find out what Playfulness, Kindness and Mindfulness have in common (other than the ful-ness!)

The first Panel Session recorded live at Giocosamente Online Playfulness Festival 2020.

With: Anthony Trahair, Kathyn Wilkins, Natasha Blok, Benjamin Lee Martins, Bart Durand, Beatrice Perri.

Understanding to raise the quality of our lives through Play.

We don’t outgrow the need for play.
Mindfulness is prerequisite to Playfulness, we need to be able to connect to the situation and people around us to be able to play.
Kindness can be offering the space where people can be themselves and are allowed to feel who they are.

Play brings us completely in the moment. We are aware (mindful).

Kind invitation into Play. Where there is resistance for others to play, sweet thoughtful invitation can help to drop barriers and start to have fun.
How to ease the passage between giving and accepting?

Leaving beauty and playful art for others to find.

Designing Playful activities with INCLUSIVITY is an act of Kindness in itself.

Is it “easier” to be kind or playful?
How to refrain so it’s not so scary to accept the invitation?
Drawing – mark making
Dance – movement
Signing – Sound making
Play – ??


What does it feel like to be you?


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