The Spirit of the New Games Movement

With Dale Le Fevre

Dale Le Fevre has traveled the world presenting New Games Workshops and events, writing books and making video tutorials.

He started off with the New Game Foundation in 1975!

In this podcast you’ll get to know what the New Games were about and why they are even more important today. About how peacemakers during the Vietnam war needed to play to get out their frustrations.

Learn about New Games and conflict resolution, Team Building, Stress Reduction.

How it’s ultimately easy to play and can help “lift us out of” our problems and get us moving again.

Dale has a very practical and simple approach to Playfulness that goes directly to the core.

Suggested Book: James Carse, Infinite and Finite Games.

Dales favourite of his own books: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2835913-the-spirit-of-play

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