Una Dottoressa Che Cura Col Gioco.

With Martina Verdese

Developmental neuro and psychomotor therapist who deals with prevention (in kindergartens with group activities), therapy / rehabilitation and parenting support with children and their families.

I met Martina thanks to her FB page, full of many proposals to play at home, it seemed to me the proposals we playfully do at home scale! I realized that we were dealing with a playful soul.

Martina works intuitively without already established practices and I asked her how we too can develop this sensitivity.

Martina has a playful approach helping children with learning difficulties, autism and behavioral problems, she then continues to play in her life too. It could be said that this is what gives it a magical touch. Listening let’s find out better !

The doctor says that it is often IPO-stimulated babies who are often labeled shy or ashamed. Martina’s advice is unsettling for its simplicity.
At school they are offered a continuous race for jobs that ultimately do not interest children, it would take more teaching focused on the game. Even short breaks of structured play (and very useful for executive functions such as working memory or flexibility or others) bring attention.

Let’s go deeper into the quote Maria Montessori “play is the work of the child”.

Recommend: “A book”, and “150 games and physical activities”. For those who don’t know how to play with children.


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  1. Bea

    Grazie Anthony e Grazie Martina!
    L’ascolto del podcast mi ha incuriosito e sono poi andata ad esplorare la pagina facebook TNPEEverdese e a vedere altri video di Martina

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