The Science of Humour and Laughter

With Stephanie Davies

The Science of Humour and Laughter

Today’s guest is Stephanie Davies, founder and CEO of Laughology based in the UK.
Stephanie is one of the UK’s leading voices in the psychology of laughter and humour.

She has applied her work in a wide variety of settings, from dealing with complex public and mental health issues to building teams in high profile organisations. She is a stand-up comedian and has worked with Patch Adams exploring the relationship between health, humour, community and the arts. Stephanie is author of the book “Laughology” that we talk more about in the show.

Stephany’s mission is to get us all to laugh more.

There are lots of great take aways on in this episode of The Playfulife Podcast.

Find out:
What is laughter? What triggers your laughter?
What is humour? How to boost our sense of humour?

What is the role of laughter and humour in mental health research? Steph tells us a great story about this.

Discover your inner child.

Activate the Power of a smile.

Find more about Laughology’s F.L.I.P model: Focus Language Imagination Pattern Breaking for bring in more humour and laughter in our lives with all the associated benefits.

Curiosity is so important!!!! Not just curious but Playfully Curious!

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