What Play Persona are You?

With Ben Ross

What Play Persona are you?
Inspiring Philosophical Conversation on Play with Ben Ross.

Ben Ross writes novels, coaches and helps adults to play, guided by his spirit animal, the flying raccoon. He lives beside a forest on the edge of London.

Ben’s definition of Play:
“An attitude of Serious Attention applied to something that others consider trivial or nonsensical”.
In this episode he unpacks this for us.

We all have a unique way of playing. We all play in our own way.

Something may be fun for you though and not for another.

I met Ben Ross at the Counterplay Festival in Denmark in 2018. He has an inspiring blog about play and has put together a great quiz for anyone to find out there Play Persona.

Find out your Play Persona here: http://www.flyingraccoon.com/play-persona-test/

Ben has quite a deep understanding of Play and illustrates the theme of THINGNESS with us (23′).

More than giving a character to an object its realising that if you want to be really good at anything while enjoying your life you’re going to have to start considering the objects around you a bit more! Not just what you think they are but all their qualities and possible uses!

I’m going to add here that a great GRATITUDE practice is to understand how an object came into existence, where it was built…

Great tips on how to find your own special way of playing.

Ben recommends:
Play Anything by Ian Bogost
Wonderland : How Play Made the Modern World (2016) by Steven Johnson

Anthony talked about the book, What do you say when you talk to yourself? by Shad Helmstetter

If you like the philosophy take on this episode check out the chat with Maaike the Playful Philosopher

Find more about Ben here:

We end with Ben’s favourite Zoom game that he learned from Willam Zackwood.

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