Beautiful conversation with Holly Stoppit from Bristol, UK (34'32") Clown-o-therapy Holly Stoppit is a facilitator, clowning and fooling teacher, theatre director and dramatherapist, specialising in live, interactive, improvised and devised performance. At…

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Maaike the Playful Philosopher

Lovely conversation with lots of playful food for thought with Maaike de Jong from the Netherlands. Maaike is a philosophical practioner, researcher, trainer and educational developer. She thinks of ways…

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Play and Social Distancing

Play and Social Distancing How to keep playing while keeping physically distant? Facilitated by Robbie Foulston with Darryl Edwards, Pete Duncan. Under the care attention of Bart Durand The Panelists…

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Playfulness and Spirituality

Playfulness and Spirituality Panel Session how do these worlds meet? Facilitated by ​ Saras Feijòo​ with Bart Durand, Robbie Foulston, Kevin Campbell Davidson, Maaike de Jong, Benjamin Lee Martin. Play…

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